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LASER SCANNING is one of the most modern technology for the needs of the mass collection of spatial data form the coordinates of points in space. The technology is based on the collection of three different sets of data. Position of sensor is determined using the Global Positioning System (GPS), using phase measurements in a regime of relative kinematics, with use of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) orientation is determined. The last component is a laser scanner that sends an infrared beam to the ground and is reflected back to the sensor. Time elapsed from the broadcast signal reception to the knowledge of the position and orientation sensor allows accurate calculation of three-dimensional coordinates of the Earth. Triple laser scanning refers to a stationary mode, while LIDAR represents a laser scanning with the moving platforms (aircraft, helicopter ...).


Terrestrial 3D laser scanning works in Smederevo Fortress Terrestrial 3D laser scanning works in Smederevo Fortress